We are Dedicated to Equine and Canine Athletes

This means that our services center around allowing your horse or dog to perform at it’s peak level, and maintain the best quality of life possible. If they have an injury, we will diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate using comprehensive medicine. Our services are completely ambulatory, meaning we do not have a brick & mortar facility, we come to you! Our services include:

If you feel that your horse could benefit from our services, please get in touch! We will be happy to come see you and be a part of the team that ensures the well-being of your horse.


Because we are a mobile veterinarian, our operating hours vary based on appointments. We generally schedule appointments anytime within these hours:


However, if you would like to reach us by phone, our Phone Hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


For our clients convenience, we are a fully-mobile veterinarian. This means we come to you!

Not sure if we service your area? Submit a Contact Form telling us about where you are located, and your horse(s), and we will get in touch with you by email or phone!