Mary Cookingham: Manager/Trainer, Coole Park Farm, Millbrook, NY

“I manage and train horses at Coole Park Farm. My farm is a 16 horse high end facility. I am deeply involved in training and competing hunters and jumpers on the A circuit and go to WEF every season. Coole park also has hunt horses and dressage clients. One client is one of the Masters of Millbrook hunt. Dr. Amery has been caring for my horses for 12 years. Whether they are show horses or hunt horses their health and soundness is primary and Dr. Amery has helped keep them all in top condition. His excellent diagnostic abilities combined with his skills in acupuncture, herbal, chiropractic and western medicine is not something I have found in other veterinary practices.
That being said, Dr. Amery coordinates well with the other  veterinarians that also work at Coole Park as they all mutually respect each other. In running a boarding facility this is very important.
On a personal note , Dr. Amery has kept my show hunters at the top of their abilities. Due to his diligence my horses have avoided potential long term soundness issues. HIs skills as a chiropractor and acupuncture have had amazing results. Dr. Amery understands these animals are athletes and continually advises me how best to keep them at their best. Thank goodness he goes to Wellington for season!”

Sharon Fennessy

“I have been a client of IVW for well over five years.  Dr. Amery, along with Carolynn,  have seen my horse in good times and not so good times. I chose Dr. Amery because I had seen other friends/acquaintances horses and the amazing results of his treatments on the horses.

The gentle mannerism of Dr. Amery along with the skill of his craft of acupuncture and chiropractor,  has helped my horse to maintain and enhance his whole body wellness and comfort.  Stall life, even with ample turnout time and a good training program,  can be very hard on horses.  His solutions are unique in that big and small issues are not always found in a bottle.

Having him in my horse’s life is a tremendous gift and goes beyond words of appreciation.”

Rhoda Lehrman: Barrister’s End Farm, East Haddam, CT
“We have been working with Dr. Amery and his staff with excellent results for the past five years.
Our Llama, Llarry, receives monthly acupuncture and chiropractic treatments from Inline Veterinary.   Llarry lays down in his stall during his appointments and has actually fallen asleep while Dr. Amery works on him!
We also have Tamaya, another Llama who suffers from hind-gut ulcers.  She was originally brought to a Veterinary Hospital where she was given medication at the cost of $300.00 per prescription – which did little for her discomfort.
Dr. Amery recommended using Bamboo Charcoal, at a fraction of the cost.  When we see her start to colic she gets 3/4 TEASPOON in 90 ml of warm water and she’s feeling better within two hours.
Great service, great results – what more can we ask of Dr. Amery and Inline Veterinary!!!”
“Lunching With Llarry”


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