Inline Veterinary Wellness cares about our clients and their horses. This is why we have taken the time to collect some resources we feel provide valuable information for equine-owners. Take a look at some of the videos, and external websites provided below to learn about owning and providing proper care for a horse.

University of London, RVC Equine – The RVC is an excellent resource for Horse Healthcare, there are numerous articles covering everything from foaling to basic first aid advice, and symptoms that may signal a medical condition that requires veterinary attention.

University of Minnesota, Horse Extension – The horse health section for UM’s Horse Extension has extensive information on horse nutrition & wellness as well as common questions about horse healthcare. They provide information for equine enthusiasts in the form of articles, newsletters, and even podcasts!

The Horse – They are a news source for all things equine! Webinars, Articles, and Blogs, as well as a horse adoption directory make this a good place to go to stay up-to-date on the latest equine happenings.

Still have questions?
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