herbal therapyChinese Herbal Therapy for Horses and Dogs in New Milford, CT.

Chinese Herbal Therapy is a holistic approach to healing based in knowledge attained over thousands of years. The medicinal power derived from plant extracts is often undervalued in today’s modern medical practices. This more natural and gentler approach to healing the body, whether animal or human, can have effective and lasting results, without some of the undesirable side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

Though not scientifically proven, according to Chinese theory, all plants and foods have energetic qualities, such as yin and yang, cooling and warming, and are associated with the 5 elements and specific emotional states. Herbal remedies are formulated from multiple ingredients, taking all these aspects of holistic healing into account.

Synthetic pharmaceuticals often treat only the symptom and not the cause, which does not always bring lasting results. We use Chinese Herbal Therapy along with other methods of healing, to bring more lasting results through treating the medical problem at all levels. We carefully assess each patient on an individual basis, using Chinese diagnostic techniques, before deciding on the formula that will best suit the particular patient. Herbal formulas are most often administered over weeks, or even months, until the medical condition has been resolved and the body has returned to a natural state of health and well-being.

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